Making The Impossible Done!

Not disabled: differently-abled

Sascha Gorokhoff is an internationally acclaimed multilingual human potential, mindset shift and leadership expert, published author, and inspirational speaker.

With a diverse background in business, politics, international relations and education, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon in his work as an inspirational speaker, transformational life specialist, and mentor to high-achievers. As an internationally acclaimed human potential, mindset shift, leadership expert, published author, and transformational life specialist, with over two decades of experience, Sascha is well-equipped to help others achieve their goals and reach their full potential. His expertise in mentoring and working with high-achievers makes him a valuable resource for those looking to improve their lives and their leadership skills as well as to reach new levels of success. His multilingual and multicultural background further enhances his ability to connect with and understand a wide range of individuals.

Sascha was born severely disabled

Sascha's achievements are even more inspiring as he achieved all of that while facing unimaginable and unsurmountable challenges in his life for most, as Sascha was born with the worst form of Spina Bifida, a condition that
should have left him in a wheelchair, severely mentally challenged and dead before the age of 7.

Despite being told by the medical community and many of his teachers that he wouldn’t amount to anything, Sascha persevered and achieved everything and more than what was thought to be possible for him.

Sascha is Victorious over Domestic Abuse at Home and Severe Bullying at School

Further, he faced unimaginable levels of mental and emotional abuse by his own mentally unstable mother since his birth until her suicide when he was 34 years old and years of severe bullying at school by his peers. But, he wouldn’t let anything of that stop him from achieving his dreams and his goals.

The weight of these cumulative experiences could have easily crushed the spirit of even the most resilient individuals, leaving them broken and resigned to a life of perpetual defeat.

However, Sascha, this heroic person, defied all odds and refused to allow the oppressive forces of his past to define him or dictate his future. With unwavering determination, he resolved to transcend the pain and adversity that had plagued his early years, vowing to transform his life and achieve the dreams and goals that burned brightly within his heart.

By sheer force of will, he emerged, forging a path of resilience, self-discovery, and triumph that would inspire others in their own battles against the darkness.

Through sheer grit and an unyielding spirit, he not only overcame the formidable obstacles that stood in his way but also thrived in the face of adversity. In doing so, he became a testament to the power of the human spirit, reminding us all that no matter how dire the circumstances, we possess within us the capacity to rise above and forge our own destiny.

Sascha didn't read the memo he received at birth

The memo said:

Sascha was born severely disabled.

He legs will stop moving before the age of 1 and then he will be paralyzed from the waist down.

Sascha will be mentally challenged and will die before the age of 7 years old and will not amount to anything.

Sascha went ahead and achieved everything they said was impossible for him

Physically, Mentally, Academically, Professionally, Politically, Personally, Socially

Sascha went skiing

Sascha was born and raised in Switzerland, and learned to ski in the Swiss Alps.

He learned to fall frontward and sideways before learning to hold straight on his skis, knowing very well that if he would fall on his back, the prospect of being paralyzed or dead was a real possibility due to his disability.

Always focus on the bright side of everything

Sascha was a sunshine during his childhood.

He only focused on joy, laughter, curiosity, and trying everything the medical community told him cannot be done.

Sascha never allowed the medical community to define his physical abilities, possibilities, and dreams.

He quickly removed them from his daily life and went on to live the happiest life possible, skiing, water-skiing, mountain-biking, skateboarding, and more.

Sascha learned Iceskating

Sascha did everything the medical community told him cannot be done, and succeeded everywhere his teachers thought impossible for him to accomplish.


His story is riveting! True human spirit rising above the impossible!

Bravo Sascha!

- Catie Wyman Norris

I love reading about all the possibilities that life has to offer. This book, written by Sascha, talks about being born with challenges and becoming a successful man, husband & friend. I highly recommend reading this book. It will inspire you, drive you and hopefully change you for the better.

- art lewin

An inspiring book that puts happiness into perspective. I truly admire Sascha's resolve to make a difference and to rise above hardship and self pity. A beautiful story and great guide for self improvement.

Bravo Sascha!

- kim prezioso

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